Learning DevCamp Day 2

Day 2

Another good morning from Salt Lake City. Today kicked off with another beautiful mountain sunrise and a hearty breakfast. Image 2017-06-07 22-19-09-158

Morning Session: Build an Interactive Video in Articulate Storyline with Mary Crop

Mary started off the session demonstrating 3 ways to use video in Articulate.  Her example was focused on germs in the workplace.  Considering my work building just went through asbestos abatement, I think germs are the least of my worries but hey a girl can dream can’t she?


One thing I appreciated about Mary’s session is that she shared the assets and expected us to put them in the tool.  Some may need practice doing that and while I understand the ease of providing a template to manipulate, sometimes practice makes perfect. I was also able to share the references trick for variables so it was win/win!

If you’d like to see what I made (with a little flair of course) check it out here


Keynote Brent Schenkler Why Social Learning Failed and Digital Learning is Winning


I was so excited about meeting Brent for the first time face to face at this conference.  Brent is the host of the TLDC which stands for the Training Learning and Development Community.  This group is my tribe outside of conferences and I take full advantage of the week day live stream show.  I also help manage their social media accounts (which if you’ve met me this shouldn’t shock you).  Brent has been in “the industry” for a while and I appreciate his perspectives.  He’s one of the white hats (any other gladiators in the house?).  If you don’t know him, you should.  Want to get to know him better join TLDC.  Seriously, no excuses.  In your first week if you don’t learn something, call me out.

Here are some of my takeaways:

Here is the full recording of Brent’s keynote, courtesy of Sam Rogers, human tripod extraordinaire

Afternoon Session Split: Teaching Online Classes with Kevin Siegel/ Before You Do Anything Else, the Questions You Should Be Asking with Joe Ganci

So my afternoon sessions were a cluster.  I initially went to Jennie Ruby’s Drag and Drop Interactions session until I realized it was for Captivate and not Storyline. Oops, sorry. I’m not a Captivate user, blame my lapse of judgement on my food coma from lunch.

So I darted in the next room and grabbed a seat for Kevin Siegel‘s Teaching Online Classes session. I then quickly darted out when I found out the session was focused on the basics.

So then I went to Joe’s session about knowing the right questions to ask. Great session that actually kept my butt in the seat! Good job Joe!  One of the key takeaways of this session is taking the learners culture and religion into consideration.  It’s not something that I think a lot about.Image 2017-06-07 23-07-52-875


After the session it was selfie time!


Then, the most amazing thing happened.  I walked out of the session to get some water and then I saw him. Dr Ray Jiminez! I have went to at least 3 of his webinars in the past year alone.  I introduced myself and we chatted for 10 minutes.  I think I might have scared him with my enthusiasm.  The best part? A selfie (hey maybe one day someone will be like, “Hey, that’s Cara North! I follow you on Twitter! I need a selfie” but probably not anytime soon)


Campfire Collaboration Session

Sad news, no more cute little parfait thingys, good news more Dream crushers!  Oh and there was a collaboration session that happened when Jason and Nick teamed up to help everyone brainstorm ideas about certain challenges we face. I felt bad for Nick typing all of this out by hand but that feeling soon faded after I share experiences from Day 3’s keynote 🙂

After having the luck of someone who had a shelter full of black cats cross her path for 25 years, it happened.  I won! I won! I won a Jackery Bolt 6000. I mean it’s not a pair of socks or emoji slippers but hey, I won! So thanks LearningDevCamp for the cool prize! Shout out to Anna for taking this pic!

Image 2017-06-07 22-22-44-489

The Afterparty

I opted for skipping going out for dinner and went with Lisa and Anna up in the mountains.  This is my first trip to Utah and I’ve been mesmerized by the natural beauty. We drove up into the mountains and took a few pictures:

That’s a wrap for Day 2.  Anna also shared her notes with me so I may go back and update this page at a later time with her notes.  I’m sorry I posted this a day behind but I’m out there learning and networking 🙂  I will likely combine Day 3 and Day 4 together.




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