Learning Dev Camp Days 3 & 4

Day 3:

I started the morning in James Kingsley’s advanced Articulate 360 class. James works at ElearningBrothers and one thing I really appreciated about this conference were the folks like James and Jeff who bring coding into their elearning, something I know nothing about.  I enjoyed this session because I got to play a little bit with some Javascript.  I ended up darting out a little bit early to pop into Megan Torrance’s xAPI session.  To see what I made in James’ class, click here

I walked out of the class and embarrassed myself.  My laptop and watch had different times so I ended up leaving James’ class a little bit too early so I sat in the lobby and tuned into TLDC. If you enjoyed Learning Dev Camp or missed it, please check out TLDC18.  This conference will be in Phoenix, AZ January 29 and 30, 2018.  I am signed up and ready to go and I know I’d love to see ALL of you there! The TLDC topic of the day was teams and tools.  I even hopped on the livestream to share some of my experiences working in higher ed.


(Pictured from top left clockwise: Luis Malbas (and his printer), Kristi Conlon, myself, and Mike Simmons)

I didn’t stay logged into TLDC for long because it was time for Megan Torrence’s Adopting xAPI: What an Instructional Designer Needs to Know.  Megan, like Sam, is fantastic for 1-liners that are highly Tweetable. Here are some of my key takeaways:

I am interested in learning more about xAPI, especially using it on a current project to track completion of item writing training.  Megan also has a xAPI cohort that is free and you can learn more about here

Keynote Event: The Future is Now! Where are You? Nick Floro

I’ve met my match in live tweeting with Nick.  He has such enthusiasm talking about tech tools that it was hard to keep up with him! Nick is passionate about tech and apps!  Here are some of my takeaways from Nick’s keynote:

To check out more from Nick, go to his Slideshare page

Afternoon Session Working with Animations: Camtasia Dylan Smith

The Build It Sessions were difficult to Tweet during because I was building stuff.  Dylan guided us through making a title slide, an animated scene, and Star Wars credits.  Check out the final product here

Campfire Session: Tips and Tricks

I had the pleasure at this session by sitting next to Mike Madden who taught me a new acronym. SHOTS stands for self-help online tutorials, not a glass of liquid courage. Throughout this session Jason had asked for participants to share some tricks and tools with the community. Here are some I was able to capture:

Dinner: McCools Irish Pub

I went to dinner with a colorful cast of characters including Katie Stroud, Jeff Batt, Chris Simental, Debbie Richards, Randye Kaye, Debra Brown, Anna Leach, Joe Ganci, Jennie Ruby, and another super awesome lady who I didn’t really meet/talk to but I’m sure someone can tell me her name 🙂


After McCools, I took Katie Stroud back to her campsite and hung out with her and her family before calling it a night.

Day 4: See ya later, alligator

Morning Session: Articulate Storyline- Creating Games and Simulations with Jeff Batt

I was so excited about this session because a few years ago I took Jeff’s classes on Storyline in Udemy and he’s a great teacher.  This session did not disappoint.

Here is the Tic Tac Toe game I made (please note that the winner is displayed when the count is 3, it doesn’t actually show for the lines)

Here is the Carnival Dart game (not finished either but you get the point)

By the time this session was done, I was able to say some quick goodbyes before being taken to the airport in class by Sam

In the car with me was Mary Cropp and Katie Stroud so it seemed like an appropriate time to do a #5trainersinacar podcast episode! Sam and I had done one together a few months ago but this was my first time with Katie and Mary’s first appearance! Since Sam was driving, I was the host and we talked about LearningDevCamp history, the sessions, and some takeaways.  It was a great way to wrap up my LearningDevCamp experience and look for our episode to post soon.

So overall, I was happy I came to LearningDevCamp.  I finally got to meet so many people I follow online face to face, I was able to build some new skills in Camtasia and Articulate, and probably the biggest takeaway is I feel more confident in the community. Several people told me they appreciated my use of social media during the conference and I plan on proposing a session on social media next year (maybe a beginner and advanced?).  I can’t wait until next year!  The next Learning and Development conference I’m going to is TLDC18.  You should join me in Phoenix in January!



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