eLearning SuperPowers: ELH #187


I have made the top 12 list here 🙂

I know you have probably said it because I know I have. “I don’t have time to do the Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenges. I have started the year being focused and intentional so on this MLK day, I used my day off of work to build this.

From the ELH#187 page:
Challenge of the Week
This week your challenge is to share a top 10 list of things you want people should know about e-learning.

Your list can be for any audience. For example, you can target your list to a general audience, those new to our industry, or even to experienced e-learning designers.

Your entry can be a static list, blog post, explainer videos, an interactive graphic or infographic, or anything else you’d like to do.

My Process:

My mind immediately went to superheroes.  eLearning Developers need to use many skills in order to build an appropriate solution.  I decided I wanted to create an interaction with hotspots, explaining what I think people should know about eLearning. Total time to create the interaction: 35 minutes. It is not perfect and certainly is not polished but I wanted to show that you can build a prototype and share an idea without using a ton of time. If I wanted to take it to the next level, I’d add superhero costume elements with the hotspots so when you select Sonee’s eyes, it also reveals a mask.

Here is a part of a screencast of the development using Articulate Storyline 360:


Check out the finished product




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