Achievement Unlocked: Unicorn Horn

“Oh you are so creative!”
“I don’t know how you come up with those ideas”

I’ve been told that I’m creative. It bugs me when I’m told that I “think outside of the box”. I don’t see a “box”. Even though my mind wanders and I have so many ideas, I know that creativity isn’t a biologic trait. Creativity just happens. There have been many studies that suggest that creativity happens when we let it go.
Writing this article, I was inspired as I was working on another assignment. Something inside of me got me thinking about creativity. Maybe it’s the Super Bowl commercials in the background, maybe it’s because I don’t want to focus on writing a paper. I cannot pinpoint it, but I do know that being able to unleash your creative powers is important. Taking a fleeting thought and being able to articulate that into a product (eLearning, blog post, etc) is a skill that you can work on and build.
Here are some tips for you to unlock your unicorn horn:

Let It Go

I know this probably goes against a lot of advice you received, especially in traditional education, but it is ok to let your mind wander. A good part of my day my mind thinks through my future, ways to tackle a current pain point, even how to build my next instructional design product. An analogy I use to illustrate this is fishing. Even though I may have my fishing rod reeled in for a portion of the day, the vast majority is spent having my fishing rod cast into a deep lake. To be successful, you must bait your hook. So many people struggle with letting their mind go. I bet you can remember some amazing stories and memories from your childhood. Start there and think about what those look like within the frame of today or even the future.

Change Your Physical Environment

Have you ever had a great idea in the shower? How about driving home from work? Sometimes in order to think about something differently, you need to change your physical environment. Try it next time you get stuck.

Learn To Not Care What Others Think

Much to my credit or detriment (depending on the day), I rarely care what others think. I’ve shared ideas, writing, etc to pretty ugly criticism. It doesn’t phase me. I don’t feel the need to be understood. I have a gang of awesome people that support me and this is a must have to unlock your full potential. I recently shared this awesome video of Will Smith that sums this up perfectly
Life is too short to deal with crappy people. I’ve had to cut a lot of people out of my life because they want to tear me down instead of lifting me up. Ain’t nobody got time for that 😊


If you try any of these techniques or have others to get you in the creative mindset, share them!


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