Challenge 1: Coding Robots

[wpvideo n7reAH9l]

The video features the song “iRobot”  by John Bellion.  All rights reserved.

I had so many ideas to kick off the 6-week challenge, I decided to do something that can also help me with a work project.  I’m building a module about teacher’s ethics, specifically why teachers should not cheat during statewide standardized assessments.  I start the module off with a story of a fake teacher “Chauncey Johns” who uses a real method to cheat on exams.  My center at OSU monitors these exams and with that monitoring are able to detect probable cheaters that we inform the state department of education to conduct an investigation.

When building this module, I struggled with the visual of the monitoring.  How can I show that in a way that isn’t too scary but also gives a nod to the queries and forensic analyses ran to protect the integrity of the systems?

Behold my little test monitoring robot:


The body is made of code.  My favorite thing about the robot is that the arms are lower case “j”s 🙂  To get the animation, I used keyframing.  Maybe I’ll keep going and see if I can get the robot to move around 🙂

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