Stuck in PDF Hell? Try Movavi PDF Editor

I have a love/hate relationship with PDFs.  I love them when they work well but often times, especially when I’m editing one, well it can be a nightmare.  I was working on revamping a PDF I made a few months ago as a resource to accompany a presentation. While I have access to Adobe Acrobat DC on my work devices, I need something cheap and easy for my personal use.  Even in Adobe Acrobat DC, I find manipulating a pdf can be cumbersome and honestly a time suck.  I wanted the ability to move assets around and I stumbled across a great tool called Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF’s features
This tool has many features including:

  • Tabbing which is set up like a browser.
  • Adding or removing pages from existing PDF documents and then rearranging the sequence in which they are presented.
  • Rotating pages within PDF documents.
  • Inserting JPG and PNG images into PDF pages and adjusting their position, size and orientation.
  • Combining separate PDF files together. This includes the ability to export content from many programs and merging it with existing PDF documents.
  • Save JPG or PNG images as PDF pages.
  • Ungroup assets on the PDF and move and manipulate

The last feature was what I was interested in.  Much like bringing a vector drawing into your favorite editor and ungrouping it, this tool allows you to ungroup and arrange assets in the PDF.  You can see it in action in this screen recording.

I’ve become a fan of using PDFs to accompany presentations instead of handing out a slide deck. Here is an example created for a group presentation led by Sean Hickey, Greg Nagy, and myself from Learning DevCamp 2018.  We took inspiration from the old Nintendo Power magazine and took our slides and expanded on talking points and made sure there were spots for note taking (which is a fillable box in PDF).

What PDF hacks do you have?  Are there tools that you use to get more out of them?  I want to hear about it!



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