Open educational resources evaluation and L&D dungeon and dragons

Continuing my recap of doing two conferences at once (go here to get filled in) October 22, AECT was in full swing and I had my first presentation of the week. This presentation was with a great group of people including Jennifer Maddrell, Jennifer Englund, Royce Kimmons, Jessica Resig, Emily Tolzmann, and Cherise Moore. One thing “different” about higher education presentations are the number of people on presentations 😀

My “glue” Anna Leach attended AECT with me and we went together to pick up our badges.

This was such a cool project and our presentation was titled: Evaluating Open Educational Resources: Results of a Collaborative Evaluation of Crowd-Sourced Lesson Plans

The presentation focused on an evaluation of a service-learning professional development opportunity for instructional design students and volunteers to develop 106 open educational resources (OER) for the benefit of adult basic education. We shared the findings of the OER evaluation and consider implications for the design, implementation, and evaluation of OER, as well as service-learning as a professional development opportunity for instructional designers.

To see the full presentation, you can view the slides here

My role in this was evaluating the OER. It was a really fun project and I enjoyed going through all of the resources. I speak more about this on the Praxis Pedagogy podcast and talk more about the work Jennifer and Royce are doing in this area. 

Presenting at AECT, thanks for the pic Anna Leach <3

I was able to get two selfies with awesome people at AECT

Valary Oleinik

Kari Word

After this, we went over to meet up with Tracy Shroyer who was arriving at the conference! After she got settled in, we then headed back to the Mirage. I had the opportunity to FINALLY meet after years Amanda Jackson. I also got some more pictures.

Ian Crook (who is ridiculously tall btw, not James McLuckie tall, but tall 🙂

Mike Taylor

Bianca Baumann

Dr. Clark Quinn

Josh Risser

 Here are my picks for the top 3 special moments up until Tuesday.

#1 L&D D&D with fire

Starting at TLDC18, Matt Pierce kicked off L&D D&D. Yes, it’s Dungeon and Dragons but you haven’t played D&D unless you have a Dungeon Master like Matt Pierce. We met up at Denny’s and Tracy Shroyer, Kristen Hayden-Safdie and others showed up to play a “deconstructed” game. I think we were all tired but it made for a fun game. Bonus is that Denny’s was across from the Mirage volcano which made me very happy (every time I play D&D I try to set everything on fire).

#2 Letting two special people know what they mean to me

For the past year, I’ve served as the Communication Officer for AECT’s Research and Theory division. This division was led by Dr. Ginger Watson and previously led by Dr. Enilda Romero-Hall. If I decide to stay in higher education, I want to be like these two ladies. They are wicked smart, kind-hearted, and I’ve really appreciated getting to know them better. AECT’s conference theme was Inspired so I took the opportunity to tell both of them how wonderful they are (and take a pic of course)

#3 LXD Illuminati

Before going to AECT for my presentation Ceren, Anna, Utkan and I went shopping at the Vegas outlets. We stumbled upon this defunct fountain and I knew I had to get a pic in front of it. If you want to understand more about the Illuminati, ask Alex Salas 🙂

That’s a wrap for Tuesday. Devlearn kicks off on Wednesday and it’s my first day going between both conferences. Coming up in the next installment are coffee mugs, Sophia the robot, and an award 🙂


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