2 Conferences, 5 Presentations, 1 Place: Where to Find Me October 20-26:

October 20-26, 2019 I will be bouncing around Las Vegas between two conferences that explain both worlds I’m currently in. The first is the Association for Communications Education and Technology, a higher education organization focused on research in learning technologies, pedagogy, and instructional design. The second is The eLearning Guild’s Devlearn, a bucket list conference of mine ever since 2010. Between the two conferences I have 5 presentations and I’m accepting an award. I have so many people I want to meet and see so I’m publishing this to help the coordination of schedules, something I’m not the best at.


Ceren and I are on the same flight and we arrive pretty early.  I’m also getting a rental car so we plan on driving around and chilling.  Anna arrives later that evening and we will pick her up and get settled in. 

I will be at AECT in the afternoon/evening for the welcoming reception.  I also have tentative plans to meet up with a possible collaborator on a manuscript about open education resources. #phdlife

I have two presentations at AECT this day related to some work I did over last holiday break:

Assessment of Instructional Design Practices: Evaluating Open Educational Resources: Results of a Collaborative Evaluation of Crowd-Sourced Lesson Plans (1:00PM-1:50PM)

Inspired Professional Learning: A Service-Learning Project to Evaluate and Re-Design OER (4:00pm-5:30pm)

This was a super fun project I worked on as an evaluator.  I evaluated open educational resources for accessibility as well as instructional design elements.  This will be fun because of all of the people involved and all the different institutions represented!

Also at 3:00PM I have a board of directors meeting for Research and Theory division where I serve as the Communications Officer.  I will be handing the torch over to someone else soon! 

Also if I have time I plan to dip into the Kineo event at Devlearn 🙂 


This day will start SUPER early with the Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (IDIODC) meetup at Devlearn


After IDIODC it’s Sophia the Robot time!  I’m really looking forward to all the great sessions at Devlearn but I do have to visit AECT for about an hour because I’m getting an award!

At 3:00PM I’ll be at the AECT Learner Engagement Division accepting the Learning artifact of the year award that I share with Sean Hickey! After the award ceremony, I’ll be back at Devlearn!

Also at 7:00PM, there is a meetup at the BeerPark at Paris Casino organized by John Hinchliffe

Here is where it gets chaotic.  I have a presentation at each conference:

The first is at AECT:

Are Instructional Design Graduates Ready for the Real World? (8:00am-8:50am)

This panel discussion features Myra Roldan, Ana-Paula Correia, and yours truly.  The panel is led by my friend Anna Leach.

The second is at Devlearn:

L&D Mystery Series: The Case of the Disengaged Learner (1:15PM-2:15PM)

PS- If you are able to crack the case, you will get a sweet magnet!

Then the moment we’ve all be waiting for, DEMOFEST kicks off Thursday evening!  I can’t wait to actually see everything this time 🙂 

Final presentation time at AECT!

Edtech Mystery Series: The Secret of Learner Engagement (9:00am-9:50am).  This presentation is the continuation of The Case of the Disengaged Learner plus we deep dive into learning analytics with Anna Leach!

Go home to Columbus with a head full of knowledge and hopefully successful in my 100 selfie challenge!  I want to meet as many people as possible 🙂 

So what about you?  What are you presenting?  What are you most excited about?  Who do you want to meet?  Sound off below.  I’m currently a free agent 


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  1. Cara – you are going to be one busy girl! Thanks for sharing the great topics you are presenting and the meetup. I am hoping to meet you finally and getting the rest of my list together as I just found out I get to come to DevLearn.

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